Best Snorkeling Spots All over the Globe

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If you’d like to experience the best snorkeling in the world? This could be one the most extraordinary experiences you can have in your life. Check out these 10 most gorgeous destinations in the world where you can do snorkeling. Take a look!

Snorkeling is just so fun to do especially during vacation where you want to explore the different wonders of the world in our waters. Your vacation in a tropical country with pristine beaches will be incomplete if you will not try snorkeling in the water to see what is in those beautiful waters.

If you would like to snorkel, there are places that you need to go to and your snorkeling experience will be different and incomparable. Here are the best snorkeling destinations in the whole wide world:

  • Australia : Great Barrier Reef

What are you waiting for mate? Book you Australia trip now and experience the joy of snorkeling in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef where you will be able to see many kinds and colors of corals and fishes that you have never seen before.

  • Indonesia : Komodo Island

If you love the marine life then this is the place for you because this island in Indonesia is famous for the Komodo Dragons that live and rule the place. But, the Pink Beach in this island is also a home to many and all kinds of corals and marine life that will surely make your stay more memorable.

  • Maldives

You can never go wrong with the waters and marine life riches of Maldives. This country is truly home for gorgeous marine life and underwater gems. Your snorkeling experience will never be complete if you have not tried to do it on the Maldives.

  • Philippines : Palawan

It’s more fun when you are in the Philippines! Other than their beautiful and hospitable people, Philippines have very good beaches and marine life to offer. Palawan is a small island but it has a big impact to everyone that gets to witness the beauty of it. The jaw-dropping marine life and view will make you want to stay.

  • Ecuador : Galapagos Island

Galapagos Island in the country of Ecuador is equivalent to the heaven above. This place is a home for various marine lives and other endangered species like amazing turtles, penguins and even sea lions.

  • France : Plage de la Palud

This is very near to the Mediterranean Sea and this might be the reason why this place is full of wonders and will surely make your snorkeling experience one of a kind! Many people that experienced snorkeling here can never forget their experience!

Our world is a very big place and we should be exploring it because it holds so much beauty, wonder and marine life and every country that you tick off your snorkeling bucket list will always be considered one for the books!


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