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Lawn Mowing is a Must

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Yards are playgrounds for our kids, tea part area for the elders, and a little forest for parents. That is why you need to take care of it and mow it every once in a while. Is mowing really needed?

The answer is yes. Mowing the lawn has many purposes. It could have long and short-term benefits. Aside from the fact that a properly maintained lawn is pleasing for the eyes, well-maintained lawns save resources, time, and effort.

Before you start mowing, take note that mowing has two important components. These are the cutting height and frequency. This depends on the desired lawn quality, utility of grass, and the species. Plants, like grass in lawns, are simply satisfying especially when they are neat, uniformed, and healthy. Hence, lawn mowing Turlock is a must. Here are the reasons why.

First is the cosmetic benefit. This is the very first reason why you want a lawn; you want your house to look neat and well-kept. Properly and well-maintained lawns bring a pleasant and friendly atmosphere to neighboring houses. Most Home Owners Associations require that lawns are regularly mowed. This is to instill values and give a message to everyone that every homeowner has the pride to take in their home when they have a beautiful lawn.

Second, healthy grass growth. Healthy grass shoots thrive when the grass is cut. Also, during mowing, you are also weeding the weak leave out. Every time you mow your lawn, grasses get healthier and lusher. In order to keep a strong and healthy lawn, mow it as often as possible and maintain a height of around 3 inches. When you regularly mow, bald spots are patched because there are an even supply and absorption from the ground.

Third, pests are eliminated. An overgrown yard can be a breeding ground for pests. Bugs and rodents live well in tall grass and weeds. And if you keep your lawn on growing these, your family or even neighbors can catch diseases from these pets. In order to prevent this, you should be mowing your lawn regularly to get rid of these pests.

I believe now that you have all the reasons to mow your lawn regularly. Each time you do that, remember these good mowing practices to make mowing effective and make your lawn the nicest lawn we ever have seen.

  •  Clear your mow first. Remove all stones and sticks so that your mower will not be damaged.
  •  Wait for turf to dry because wet turf can clog the machine, especially if you are using a rotary mower.
  •  Mower blades should be checked regularly to avoid tearing of leaf blades.
  •  When your mower is hot, never fill it with the engine.

Maintaining a healthy lawn should be a happy chore and doing it properly makes your lawn healthy and green. When will you start mowing? Keep that height; prepare the blades and clippings because today, mowing is a must. Enjoy lawn mowing!

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