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Tips to Stay Safe While Snorkeling

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Snorkeling is very common these days because people love to go to beautiful sunny beaches and countries and this water activity is such a good way to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach or somewhere very tropical. If you are on vacation at somewhere new to you, you will surely find the need to explore the life underwater because of how undeniably beautiful it is.

The price that you pay if you want to do snorkeling is not expensive at all. It is very affordable and you can surely afford it! If you compare price points of snorkeling and scuba diving, there is a huge difference between the two because scuba diving is more expensive than snorkeling from Molokini snorkeling or other trusted companies out there.

But, just like any other water activities, you need to be safe while doing it because it can be very dangerous for you. The items below are safety tips for you when you snorkel:

1. If it is your first time to do this water activity, you must find a person that you can snorkel with incase something happens to you in the water. If it is your first time, you still need to get the hang of it and it can be very dangerous to do something that you do not have proper knowledge of.

2. You should never try to do this water activity if there is no proper lighting. If the lighting is poor because it is already getting late, you should not do it. The proper timing is when the sun is up and the sea is very clear.

3. Observe the water or the sea. If the sea is not calm then you should not proceed in snorkeling because large and strong waves can drown you in the sea.

4. When you surf, you will be swimming and swimming to see the parts of the beautiful ocean. When you do, make sure that you are not going against the current of the sea. The best thing that you should do is to move diagonally or swim diagonally to make your experience more enjoyable.

5. The ocean is full of beautiful creatures but there are also sea creatures that can hurt you just like sea urchins that have big spikes on them. You must be careful with these things because they can be found even on the most beautiful beaches. This can truly sting and hurt you so you better be careful of these beautiful but dangerous sea creatures.

6. Never try to snorkel under the influence of illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages. Also, never let your friend do this because it can be very dangerous for all people to do this. This water activity still needs a normal kind of thinking for it to become successful and being under alcohol and drugs is not an ideal thing to do if you are snorkeling in an ocean.

If you simply follow these safety tips, your ocean snorkeling experience will be one of a kind and something that you would look back in time.

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Things you Need to Bring in your Next Snorkeling Trip

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Snorkeling is something that everyone is looking forward to especially if they are going on a trip that is specifically devoted to seeing the beauty of the marine life of the place and to explore the wonders of the oceans of the world.

But, there are things that you need to pack in your snorkeling trips because you will want a trip that has no commotions and problems in the way, right? So you better pack all the necessary things that would make your snorkeling trip more meaningful and memorable for you and your loved ones.

When bringing the things that you need for snorkeling, it does not mean that you should travel heavy. Hence, there is a need that you follow this checklist by Molokini Snorkeling to guide you in what you should do in order to make sure that you have all the right and necessary tools for the best water activity ever!

Here are the things that are recommended for you to bring in a snorkeling trip or vacation:

1. Swimming Attire

Of course you should never leave your swimming attire behind. This is very necessary to keep you protected in the ocean especially from creatures that could bring you harm like a jellyfish which can cause you to have rashes.

Included in your swimming attire are your swimming shoes. This is recommended for you to bring because in snorkeling, you may come in contact with sharp corals or creatures like sea urchins that can poke you in your foot if you do not have protection in that part of your body. It is better to be extra protected.

2. Snorkeling Gear

It is very unsanitary if you borrow or rent snorkeling gears from shops in beaches. Many kinds of people uses those stuff and you can get viruses and bacteria coming from the snorkeling gear that is for rental. When you use snorkeling gear, you put it in your mouth and having that gear passed on from one mouth to another can surely be a chain for dangerous illnesses such as tuberculosis, herpes and other infections.

3. Reef Safe Sunscreen

You will be spending the day underwater if you are going to snorkel, hence you must protect your skin from the UV Rays of the sun and as well as protect and conserve marine life by getting a sunscreen that protects the individual using it and does not affect the marine life in the water.

4. Underwater Camera

Capturing the beauty of the ocean through the lens of an underwater camera is very important because we can only keep encapsulate these beautiful memories into photographs. You should make sure that you take a photo of the beautiful ocean life and a selfie or a group photo of everyone who came to the trip with you to always remind you of the beautiful experience you had.

These are just the very basic things that you should bring if ever you are planning on snorkeling in some of the best snorkeling spots in the world. Check your bags first before you leave and never forget to enjoy every second of your snorkeling trip!

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